Healthcare Development Associates Enterprises

Customizable Support


In 2011, it became evident to my staff and I that there is a great need for a new type of consulting service to be provided in the healthcare industry today. Our vision was a smaller scale solution that provides remote management and implementation assistance to smaller practices and ambulatory surgery centers. For smaller practices and facilities, hiring a multitude of personnel, highly skilled in specific areas of expertise, is unattainable and unaffordable.

Therefore, HDA Enterprises, Inc. is proud to announce that it is now offering comprehensive, innovative and cost-efficient customized solutions for practices and facilities. This service is tailor-made to suit the individualized needs of your practice or facility, eliminating you from having to pay for services you really don’t need. This is not a standard management agreement, but a simplified service that allows you to receive only the reinforcement and guidance you require at an affordable cost by selecting the areas in which you require assistance with. This is truly a service specifically designed to meet YOUR needs!

At HDAE we think, plan and attain measures outside of the box to help practices and facilities attain the goals they would like to achieve.

Assistance is currently available in the following areas:

• Comprehensive Electronic Health Record Coordination of Procurement, Implementation and Maintenance
• Complete Electronic Health Record Interfacing
• Comprehensive Facility Evaluation
• Policy and Procedure Manuals
• Regulatory Compliance
• Quality Improvement Evaluation
• New Quality Improvement Methods
• Benchmarking
• Infection Control Surveillance Studies
• Credentialing Review
• Staff Training and In-Services
• On-Site Visits, as needed
• Facility Reporting
• Productivity and Profitability
• And much, much more…….

Contact us today at (561) 330-3381 to further discuss how our customized support services can benefit your practice or facility today. Our commitment is to your success!